Do you know the biodiversity that Mexico City has?


Mexico is a country with a wide variety of animal and plant species; Thanks to its geographical location, it has a great natural wealth that includes climates and terrains as diverse as the desert, forests, jungle, warm beaches, grasslands, and more.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, more than 10 percent of the diversity that is known worldwide is concentrated in our country alone, which is why Mexico is a “mega-gross” country.

Here are some of the examples that make Mexico City their home:

Serrano Sparrow (Milpa Alta) is a species of endemic bird, that is, it is only possible to find it in Mexico, small in size and with its brown plumage, it can be seen in much of the country, however, it is in danger of extinction.

Great Heron (Humedales del Bosque de Aragón) is an aquatic bird with white plumage, large and slender, which can reach one meter in height.

Bobcat or bobcat (South of CDMX) is a feline that inhabits the city, in conservation soils south of the capital and thanks to its presence the balance of the ecosystem is maintained.

El Broad-billed hummingbird It is a native species of the country, it has colorful green, blue and purple feathers. It is very small and seems fragile, however, it is a great pollinator for which we must thank it for the production of new seeds of flowers, trees and fruits.

The biznaguita (San Angel) is a cactus that lives exclusively in the Pedregal de San Angel Ecological Reserve. Its roots prevent soil erosion; unfortunately, it is one of the species that is in danger of extinction.

The charal (Xochimilco). It inhabits exclusively the lake area; It was used as a food source in pre-Hispanic times; today it is one of the species in danger of extinction.

The Axolotl (Xochimilco) A unique amphibian in the world that lives in canals and which, like other reptiles, can regenerate parts of its body.

Hence, we must ensure the care and protection of these and all the species with which we live together to continue enjoying the natural wealth that CDMX provides us.

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