Cancun and the Sustainable Tourism Expo

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Discover the Sustainable Tourism Expo in Cancun, the leading event in the promotion of green proposals for the conservation of tourist destinations.

sustainable tourism expo

Come to know the most innovative green proposals for conservation!

Mexico is recognized worldwide for its beautiful beaches of both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic. Cancun is one of the favorites for tourists from all over the planet.

It is home to magnificent hotels on the coast to relax and unwind, fine white sand beaches, warm and shallow waters, gentle waves, refreshing drinks, fun and culture, everything a local and international tourist may need.

Cancun is characterized by the beauty of its beaches and its sea of ​​transparent waters that have an impressive shade of blue that goes from emerald to turquoise and that will make us rethink what clarity means.

In its vicinity is the second barrier reef largest in the world, behind Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Among the efforts carried out by the tourism industry of Quintana Roo is the organization of the  Sustainable Tourism Expo, which takes place every year within the framework of the "Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit"; an event that brings together professionals in tourism and sustainability in order to be the main meeting and reference space in the world for the dissemination, updating and exchange of knowledge on the issues of sustainability, solidarity and social responsibility in tourism.

Expo Turismo Sustentable takes place at the Cancun Convention Center, and is the B2B event that puts on the table the solutions to the proposals for the care and preservation of our tourist destinations, it is also the active part towards the path of sustainability for hotels, restaurants, operators and the tourism value chain, all interested in green technology, organic and natural products and made in Mexico as well as new proposals and services to truly put into practice and start working for a more sustainable tourism.

The ninth edition of Expo Turismo Sustentable is the green business platform for responsible tourism, which brings together providers of services and products for the preservation of tourist destinations with important buyers, businessmen and officials of Mexico dedicated to the conservation of cultural heritage and natural of our country.

With the attendance of more than 400 professionals and decision makers, the event is a great opportunity for exhibitors, all of them focused on presenting products or services on different topics related to sustainability and ecology.

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