The koala

Endangered Animals: The Koala

From being a vulnerable species, it has been elevated to an endangered species.

This marsupial, typical of the eastern part of Australia; It is known, like kangaroos, for carrying its young in its pouches for a long period.

Its high consumption of leaves Eucalyptus requires at least 100 trees per individual; which represents a challenge in the face of massive deforestation of their habitat.

Despite its status, it has been questioned due to uncertainty and variation in tendencies The population in its entire range, in general, has decreased around 28% in the last 18-24 years. Current threats include habitat loss and modification, wildfires, disease, and drought. The additional threat of climate change is expected to increase the rate of decline in the koala population over the next 20-30 years.

Their habitat is in danger, it is increased given its dependence on the existence of eucalyptus forests, as well as the increase in traffic routes that cross its ecosystem, reducing its life expectancy to a few years, while in captivity they can get to live up to 19 years.

Despite these data, in Australia there have been programs to breed and reintroduce individuals into forests; Likewise, Australians have become increasingly aware of the danger in which they are, so they take greater precautions on the road when they see koalas near the edge of the roads. Likewise, the roads near their territories have been profusely marked, and telephone numbers have been provided to help wildlife in case of accidents.

However, 2020 has been a year of a harsh and dry summer in South Australia with an incidence of fires never seen before. Eucalyptus globulus forests, its scientific name, have been devastated by forest fires, putting not only the food chain of these ecosystems, but the population of Koalas itself. The calculated figures of calcined animals number in hundreds of millions of species, so the hand of man, this time is necessary to recover the balance of the forests and avoid their reclassification by the International Union for Conservation in the red book as species in Danger of extinction.

If you want to help the fauna in danger of extinction try to be Voluntary in a center near your community!

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