The importance of walking sticks in hiking.

The cane is not exclusive to older people when it comes to hiking, all experienced hikers will appreciate the help that this valuable ally can provide.

The trekking pole will allow us to keep our balance in the most complicated steps, where the terrain is rough; It can also serve as protection against animals that use the same path as us (although it should be noted that we will rarely be bothered by any creature such as the snakes, even dogs that defend their masters' farms will rarely pose any real danger).

The best way to get a good grip is a combination of a good hiking boot and a good cane.

The image of a walker with a walking stick always brings to mind the memory of a pilgrim crossing the field or even in the city. Any stick, resistant and straight, can serve us, but its weight can sometimes be an impediment, mainly on those roads that do not make it necessary. Getting rid of it with the idea of ​​finding another one later will not be the best option either, firstly because a good cane is not found the first time, and secondly because we will get to love our improvised travel companion, with whom we will have lived some adventures.

The best option is to use a ski pole, which offers countless benefits. It has a great resistance, represents a minimum and has an anatomical handle with a strap that will allow us to hold it more safely. Some models of folding poles, facilitate their transport when we are not using them. The plastic disc at the bottom and that prevents it from sinking into the snow, can be a nuisance (unless we are walking through snowy terrain), so it will be convenient to remove it.

They are also known in the market as "Hiking pole" or "Walking stick", and there are many brands, their prices can range from $ 450 to $ 2500. Some types of poles are made from carbon fiber and others from aluminum alloys.

Do not forget also when packing before leaving a flashlight

Whenever we are ready to go hiking, the Flashlight should not be missing, although our objective is to walk during the day, for safety measures we should never miss a lamp in our Hiking Backpack. Sometimes we can "do at night" for multiple reasons (we lost our way, we got tired, we suffered a sprained ankle or foot that forced us to slow down, etc ...).

The flashlight has to be necessarily frontal, this in order to keep the hands free, in addition to always directing towards the place we are looking at. The Lamp, like the rest of the small equipment, must have a specific place in the backpack, always the same, so that we can find it without problem in any circumstance.

Like the poles, there are numerous brands with different functions and made from different materials.

Javier Leyva

Hiking Mexico

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