Why vaccinate your dog?

There is nothing more cuddly and touching than a little newborn puppy in your arms. However, taking him for a walk without protection is putting his life at risk. The first month and a half is vital!

There is nothing more tender and moving than a little newborn puppy with a few weeks of life in your arms. However, taking him for a walk without protection is putting his life at risk. The first month and a half is vital!

Your puppy, like a newborn baby, must remain at home and avoid the risk of exposure to infectious diseases until he has received all the necessary vaccines for his protection; there will already be a lifetime to enjoy it without risk of diseases that you can contract due to the lack of immunity that your mother's milk provided.

Diseases such as Rabies can be contracted by coming into contact with other dogs and with other animals, putting not only their health but that of your family at risk. There are also other diseases such as Leptospirosis, Distemper or distemper and Parvovirus that can cause your death.

Even though puppies come home with a first vaccination, you shouldn't waste time taking him to the vet for a first clinical exam and opening his medical history with the vet. It is necessary to carry out a vaccination plan from the first weeks of age to prevent diseases, and even take it to revaccination annually until its production of antibodies requires it and it is capable of rejecting by itself any infectious agent with which it comes into contact in the Park.

Deworming is essential, since if you have parasites your immune system can be very weakened; and reinforce the first vaccine.

Like children, after the first basic vaccination there may be some adverse reactions, so you should constantly monitor it and notify your veterinarian of them.

Avoid letting him come into contact with other dogs while he is in the process of raising his defenses.

Vaccinate against rabies is not only a legal obligation in most countries, for your pet and other animals; be dogs or cats to avoid spreading diseases to other animals.

Others tips

Remember for the rest that each breed of dog is a Weimaraner or Australian pastor, have their own typical diseases of each breed. Read a little about each of them and prepare to prevent them from a young age with adequate physical exercise and a healthy diet.

There is food and plants which are highly toxic to dogs due to their inability to process them like chocolate, so if your dog already has a smell 10,000 times sharper than yours, you should keep them out of reach. A sign to go quickly to the vet is loss of appetite in a period of 24/48 hours, or uncontrollable vomiting. The risk of poisoning can reach death in certain cases.

If you take him to the beach, do not let him drink sea water as it causes serious damage, uncontrollable incontinence, vomiting and diarrhea.

Teach your dog not to eat anything other than at home and from your hand. That will guarantee you great peace of mind in the event of possible poisoning.

It is your responsibility to this new member of the home that so much dedication and love will give you for the rest of his days.

We want you not only to have a healthy lifestyle, but for your pet as well.

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