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You talk to your pet ... But do you understand what he is saying?

Paying attention to your pet's body language is one of the noblest ways to reciprocate his love, in this way you will understand what he is trying to say or how he feels, so that you can attend to his needs. You can also identify when he expresses how much he loves you.

There are some signs that your best four-legged friend gives you, to let you know that he loves your company and is happy with you.

  • The licks. Words are not an option for your furry, so use licking to communicate with you. Doing so is a way of kissing you, greeting you, and conveying his love and loyalty so that you know how much you mean to him. Although it is also an action that he can take when he wants to get your attention.
  • Sleep with you When he snuggles up next to you, it's his way of telling you that he trusts you and feels protected. Even more, if your best friend sleeps on his stomach next to you, by exposing the most vulnerable part of his body, he tells you that he feels protected by you.
  • Movements of his tail. By not being able to speak, your friend expresses his feelings and emotions through his body. If he wags his tail euphorically, lets you scratch his belly or seeks to play with you, he is transmitting his joy, he loves to be by your side. This often happens when you return from a long day away from home.
  • It accompanies you in difficult moments. Your faithful friend is very intelligent and has the ability to recognize your moods. Therefore, if when you feel sad, happy, distraught or sick and he comes to you to keep you company, it is a way to show you support and tell you that he cares about you.
  •  It follows you around the house. Your tenderloin seeks its well-being and by being by your side it feels full, when it follows you where you are going it wants to make you understand that it enjoys your company and feels good to be by your side.
  • Accept your requests. As responsible owners, through proper education, affection and effort to establish an affective bond with our pet, it is how we will be worthy of their affection and obedience. If your friend not only understands you, but does what you ask him to do, such as performing a trick, walking by your side during walks, or coming to you when you ask him to, you have earned his respect and trust.
  •  Does it approach you from the side and stick to your leg showing the back? He wants you to love him, scratch him and pamper him a lot.
  • He lends you his favorite toy. In addition to wanting to hang out with you for a moment, by taking his favorite ball or stuffed animal, he shows his appreciation and is equivalent to “giving you a gift”. For that reason when he does, take a few minutes to play with him, remember that both his toys and spending time with you are very important to your partner. Likewise, bringing you a toy is telling you that it needs exercise.

There are also other expressions when he is feeling upset or sick, expressions to watch out for.

  • If he turns his back on you for too long when you're not paying attention to him, he's purposely ignoring you in a way of telling you how upset he is with you.
  • If he does not eat and ignores the food, you should not remove him from your sight as it can be the symptom of a serious condition. Generally when they are sick they are listless and more inactive than normal.
  • If after a run or a long walk on a hot day, you are panting too much, and your tongue even runs too much. They are symptoms of dehydration, so offer them plenty of water and a shady corner in the house to lower their temperature. Remember that dogs don't sweat, and the only way to regulate their temperature is through their mouths.
  • Finally, the barking. After spending time with your best friend, you will learn that not all barking is the same. The sounds are not the same, and from a dry barking in front of the bed to tell you that he wants to go out, or intense and continuous to alert you that something is bothering him, barking is the most obvious form of communication, and only you can recognize each inflection of your voice over time.

Few animals are as sociable as dogs, they always show us their unconditional love in many ways and that they are indeed man's best friend. Now that you know how to decipher some of their codes, gestures and attitudes, reward that affection with the best care.

Remember that with regular visits to the veterinarian, play with it, educate it patiently, and above all with optimal nutrition, you will ensure greater longevity.

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