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Do you use microplastics to exfoliate your skin? Now they are in your food!

In recent weeks the use of plastics in everyday life has been a point of debate and much attention.

Straws, bags and containers have been identified as the main causes of environmental damage in marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

They are large and can be seen with the naked eye, but what about micro plastics? Is it okay to use them because they are difficult to see? And if we do not see them, does it mean that they are not harmful? Like any other waste that goes into a landfill, we know that it is just as harmful even if we don't see it.

Microplastics are particles between five and one millimeter in diameter, which can be polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

These particles can be found in two large groups.

  • Those generated by the degradation of some articles plastics like bags. As added abrasives in skin care products for exfoliating use.

The results of a study were recently released where 39 brands of table salt were analyzed, of which the presence of microplastics was confirmed in 36 of them. This suggests the ingestion of microplastics originates from products that have found their way into the food chain of marine ecosystems.

Although the concentration of these particles is variable according to the brand of salt, the ones that registered the highest amount of particles were the Asian brands.

However, not only sea salt has the presence of microplastics, but also lake salt and rock salt or halite. Which indicates that the dispersal of microplastics is also a warning issue on the earth's surface. Unfortunately, not much information is available on whether they exist and what are the consequences of ingesting microplastics.

If you think about it, table salt is not the only carrier of microplastics, so are marine species and even terrestrial species. That is, every time you wash your skin to remove the residues of your exfoliating products, you generate more microplastics that you will end up consuming in your food.

The skin tends to shed dead cells naturally to allow new young cells to take their place; However, if you want to help eliminate blackheads or make your skin look a little more radiant, you can prepare natural exfoliants.

type : If you save the erase the coffee you can mix with a little coconut oil to hydrate you. At bath time you can do a body exfoliation of the skin surface with light massages and circular movements.

You can help yourself with a vegetable sponge for a slightly deeper cleaning of the skin.

At the end, with your pores already open, use a moisturizer for best results.

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