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We bet on technological advances for the care of the environment

Technology and conservation are not opposites; but great allies in favor of the planet

The recent technological advances of mankind are creating great precedents in conservation and sustainable development methods. And from your tablet or smartphone, to the devices in your home, they are helping to preserve natural resources.

We can find several examples in this regard: hardware producers such as printers and multifunctional devices have developed alternatives such as biodegradable plastic and eco-friendly inks that allow part of the environmental balance that is needed every day to be returned to the world. Or the implementation of functions that we must activate to reduce the density of ink and the reduction of sheet printing. In this regard, we can find on the market those that are produced through recycling processes and that provide a high degree of whiteness.

In the use of transport, we see initiatives such as electric bikes and cars that reduce air pollution and the exploitation of our hydrocarbons (in addition to providing us with better physical condition in the case of electric bikes and motorcycles).

Now the devices - through satellite location technology - offer us better routes in our daily transfers in order to minimize the time and burning of fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

As a trend that is not so futuristic, we can observe the development of underground tunnels or Hyperloops, high-speed transport systems that will allow connecting cities using 'vacuum' tubes, such as the one already being installed in Los Angeles by Elon's company Musk.

Concerned about the cleanliness of the world's oceans, the Dutch Boyan Slat has begun the first stage of his long dream since he was a teenager. The Ocean Cleanup, has used buoy and boat technology to clean floating islands of rubbish starting with the Pacific Ocean.

Similarly, we can bet on the use of renewable energy that will provide us with electricity generated by inexhaustible resources such as air or water. As well as the creation of new transparent glass-like solar panels that will soon be put to the test in buildings to generate clean energy.

Among the most recent news is a prototype of a machine that will turn our sweat into water, so we will see what the future holds for us to continue having this vital liquid and other resources preserved through the use of technology.

It is up to you to implement all these conservation techniques. Technology is your ally for this, and the more demanding we are and the more we use it, the faster it will evolve to help reverse the damage we have done for hundreds of years to the planet.

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