Dahlia, flower symbol of Mexican beauty

The Dalia is the national flower thanks to the fact that 33 of the 35 wild species native to Mexico: it has a very important relationship with the history of the country since we can find it represented in the Codex De la Cruz-Badiano and in the work of Francisco Hernández known as "Natural History of the Plants of New Spain".

Since pre-Hispanic times this flower formed a very important part of the culture. During this time, the Dalia was used as part of the tributes and sacrifices offered to the deities Tláloc and Coatlicue.

Flowers have been symbols of different themes throughout history. In the seventeenth century the language of flowers emerged, in Victorian times each flower and each color had a specific meaning, so they were used to send messages. At present, not all the meanings assigned to flowers are known, however, the Dahlia is believed to represent gratitude.

Its scientific name, Dahlia Pinnata was given in honor of the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl

The national flower of Mexico is not only beautiful, it also has medicinal uses. If you are a person who prefers to use natural medicine, this flower will be your favorite. Its properties are functional for the treatment of chronic cough and colic. It has some diaphoretic components, which help you control body temperature, and components that allow it to function as a diuretic.

This flower, like other native flowers, is used as a source of nutrients and flavor in the typical mexican cuisine. At present, the Mixtec indigenous people of Oaxaca they consume their tubers for carbohydrates and water. Gourmet cuisine has adopted it for the creation of drinks, pasta, salads or decoration in pastries.

The Dahlia is the national flower by decree of President Adolfo López Mateos in May 1963, she represents the natural beauty of the country and ranks high the name of Mexico in regards to its biodiversity.

Today the Dalia enjoys international fame for being possessed of great beauty. In countries like Australia and Holland it is considered a great treasure and symbol of floriculture.

Plant a Dahlia, and be proud of your homeland, as if you could give food to the bees!


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