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Climate change affects medical advances

Climate change affects medical advances

You can go back 50 years of research

Health and the environment are closely related, just keep in mind the importance of breathing clean air for our lungs.

Recently the British journal The Lancet presented a study in which it affirms that climate change could be the culprit of losing 50 years of advances in the field of health and medicine.

The effects of this phenomenon are more well known, droughts, forest fires, floods, storms, natural disasters etc. Diseases related to rising temperatures have been the cause of several "medical emergencies" as the English research names them, including dengue and dengue fever. malaria.

The study concludes by ensuring that the inhabitants of the XNUMXst century have the greatest opportunity in world history. If we manage to mitigate climate change, the health of the entire planet will be in the best conditions.

Specialists assure that the best tools to face climate change is to promote clean energies such as solar energy and wind energy, strengthening health systems, but above all, opting for healthier lifestyles.

Among the healthy habits that help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2), there is the use of the bike, which in addition to strengthening the body, reduces the use of the car, one of the main sources of polluting gases. According to the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (INECC) for every three liters of gasoline that we burn, about one kilo of carbon dioxide is emitted.2, one of the greenhouse gases that increase the temperature of the planet and affect, among others, the rise in sea level.

Research presented in The Lancet affirms that promoting a global health culture focused on caring for the Planet could prevent more than 500 deaths in 15 years, only by reducing the carbon footprint. That is why the participation of each of us is important, adopting the best eco-friendly practices.


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