The spider monkey

The spider monkey. It does not scratch and on the contrary it is very cute and shy.

In the forests of the Yucatan peninsula, hidden in the treetops, lives this species of monkey; called spider more for his acrobatic skills than for some fearsome image with the arachnid.

His character is shy, elusive; when he feels the man nearby, he quickly climbs to the top, and like a game of hide and seek, he disguises himself behind the thick leaves to camouflage himself from human sight.

This species of monkey, has for the proportion of its body, and compared to other monkeys like the macaque, somewhat long limbs; However, it is its tail that stands out the most from the rest of its species. Her tail, long and hairless on her front face, is more than a chance of nature, one more member which gives her tremendous agility at the top of the forest. His tail not only has strength, but the sensitivity of an additional hand, and has enough strength not only to support his weight, but also to swing him from branch to branch with coordination enviable by any circus acrobat.

Its character is very affable and familiar, it is grouped in small family groups with a dominant male as the head of the family. However, once their family nucleus grows, they tend to divide and seek new territories.

They are sometimes seen in fields stealing fruit, so sometimes the peasants shoot them, and especially the mothers to keep their young and sell them. In other parts, such as southern Mexico, there are those who hunt and eat them.

The creation of reserves is a first step to preserve the incipient groups that exist in the country. However, it is the conscience of people like us that will save them.

Do you want to see them in their natural environment and not in a cage? We invite you to visit the ecological reserve Ría Celestún.

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