Boil the water

In Oaxaca, Hierve el Agua

For those who are not Mexicans this is not a captional title, it is the name of one of the natural beauties that this picturesque state of Mexico has to offer visitors.

With turquoise waters, Hierve el Agua is a petrified waterfall, which, because it is located above a 200-meter-deep ravine, offers a majestic view of the valley that not even the best architect could have planned as a natural jacuzzi.

Its hot springs are mineralized, and are only 24 degrees in temperature, in fact it is not boiling water, and on the contrary it is warm. It is the mineral constitution of calcium carbonate of these draining waters that has given rise to the petrification that for thousands of years has been forming such a natural spectacle.

This formation and its location near the archaeological zone of Mitla, have even given rise to conjectures about the sacred valuation that the Zapotecs gave to these waterfalls, which are also associated with the irrigation systems that the natives of the time used to irrigate their crops.

With two waterfalls, one of 30 meters and the other of 12 meters, which form natural wells, Hierve el Agua is a destination that has been conditioned for tourists as a spa where the family can after visiting Oaxaca, which is only 70 kilometers from distance, spend a few hours of recreation, and enjoy from its delicious cuisine to the local markets where you can enjoy the typical cultural imaginary of Oaxaca!

If you want to visit Oaxaca, and do ecotourism , do not stop going to Hierve el Agua.

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