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It's time to think about growing your own food at home

It is not difficult and the benefits go beyond your nutrition.

A balanced diet includes organic foods, so it is important that these are of good quality to make the most of all their benefits. And the best way to measure their quality is if you do it yourself, when you harvest them.

This can be achieved with a family garden or backyard cultivation, which are plots that you can have adjacent to your home, to plant mainly vegetables and have the function of providing food with traditional practices and alternatives for conserving natural resources.

Corn, beans, green beans, tomatoes, chile serrano, pumpkin, oregano, lettuce, spinach, arugula, radish, coriander and even medicinal and nutritious plants such as moringa are the plants most easily harvested in small spaces of a few square meters.

Producing these fruits in an urban or family orchard makes their quality higher, compared to what we can find in the market, because they are free of chemical and / or toxic substances such as insecticides, herbicides or pesticides that seek to control the pests, but that can harm the health of people and the environment.

In addition, when harvesting vegetables, the costs are lower than if the same products are consumed in the market, with the advantage of having them available all year round, with quality, hygiene and without contamination.

Even more, you can take advantage of waste from your kitchen and convert them into organic matter or compost that will serve as natural fertilizer for your food without having to stop at a landfill.

Another benefit derived from this activity is the production of oxygen and the cleaning of the air we breathe which is highly contaminated. How also the fact of gaining more green spaces.

In times when there is so much uncertainty, it is not only inexpensive and easy to do; but you can teach your children an alternative way of living ... and occupy the idle time

Gardening or horticulture can be extremely comforting and relaxing activities, in which you not only do something useful for your family but allow your mind to get away from everyday problems even for a little while.

So, living in the city is not a pretext for not opting for completely organic food, because it is always a good time to learn how to grow vegetables at home.

COLLABORATION OF EARTHGONOMIC MÉXICO, AC Our mission is to promote the development of society in harmony with the natural environment and respect for living beings.

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