Do ecotourism! Travel responsibly taking care of the Planet

This holidays we invite you to make ecotourism , which is traveling responsibly to natural destinations, promoting conservation, low environmental impact and active participation to boost the local economy.

Doing ecotourism It implies entering the heart of the Planet, and living great adventures and experiences. Around the world, thousands of tourists join this expression of tourism.

In Mexico, for example, many communities work to protect ecosystems and at the same time give visitors the opportunity to discover the wonders of nature, such is the case of the Firefly Sanctuary, the sighting of the whale shark in Quintana Roo, the liberation of sea ​​turtles in Oaxaca, rappel in the Swallows basement o Humpback whale watching the Pacific.

To be part of ecotourism It is important to remember three points:

-Inform yourself and choose:

When you go on a trip, research the place, its flora and fauna, such as the climate and the people of your destination. So you will be able to know the environmental situation in which the area is, the plant and animal species that live there and how you can participate in recreational activities without a negative impact. By having more information, they will be able to choose the options that are best for the Planet, from accommodation to best practices with biodiversity.

-Participate and support:

Being on vacation, you can also be part of actions that allow conservation. Join educational and recreational activities such as workshops, sighting walks, interpretation tours, etc.

Respect the local fauna. Do not disturb the animals, and only carry a camera to record your memories.

If they offer you take selfies With wild animals in captivity, just don't do it. That discourages the illegal trade and hunting of local fauna.

To support the protection of the place, follow the instructions of the guides, deposit the waste you generate in the corresponding places and avoid mistreating the plants or animals that you meet as well as their habitat.

-Contribute to the community

The best option is to consume local products, thus boosting the community's economy in addition to continuing the legacy of artisans who are cultural heritage. The local markets They are a good way to get to know the region while helping with the well-being of local populations.

Take the opportunity to get to know the historical destinations and enjoy Mexican cuisine in an environmentally responsible way.

Traveling is undoubtedly a source of natural and cultural experiences, anecdotes and incalculable memories, that is why we must take care of the destinations and natural landscapes that exist on the planet today, in this way we ensure that future generations can also enjoy them.

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