La Boa, from Mexico to Argentina, is more scare than fierceness.

The human being in general has a certain aversion to reptiles for some psychological reason; And although many of them have earned the reason for it like the crocodile, the Boa in general is one of the least aggressive species of snakes, which is why it is collected and kept as a pet.

But make no mistake, the Boa is a hunter by nature, and because it is a constrictor (it wraps around its victims and suffocates them), it should not be a collector's item as there have been cases of home accidents involving babies and children.

Generally, the Boa is arboreal, takes refuge in trees and from there hunts lizards, birds, bats, squirrels and other smaller species. However, in Venezuela, one of its species is known as "deer swallowers" for its ability to attack and dominate large prey, although never with the appetite and ability to swallow prey like its aquatic cousin the Anaconda.

From North to South America, there are an average of 10 species, varying in size and color; but in general, their main enemy is the man who hunts them, destroys their ecosystems and takes them out of it for collectors. Another danger encountered by this species of snake is the expansion of farmland, eliminating its hunting grounds by means of controlled fires; and even more dangerous is that sometimes they get out of control as in the case of the recent fires in the Amazon, indiscriminately devastating its population.

This is counterproductive, because she, like other reptiles like the poison frogs, are natural controls of the excessive growth of populations of rodents and other species, which if not controlled naturally, invade areas of cultivation of man and cities. It is a symbiotic relationship, part of the food chain that man himself is unbalanced.

Boas constrictors are wild animals, not pets. Please help prevent them from being removed from their environment, if you see someone marketing them, not only do not buy it, you must report it to the following institutions:

Animal Surveillance Brigade of the Secretary of Health

Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection

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