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The frigate, a Galapagos bird threatened by global warming.

Global warming continues to advance and its effects are not only being felt in Australia on the coral reef, or in Greenland; where glaciers continue to melt at a worrying rate.

The Galapagos Islands, the archipelago of Ecuador in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is also registering levels of rise in sea temperature that endanger this delicate ecosystem that, thanks to its geographical position, and the efforts of Ecuador, has remained almost untouchable to the man-made damage. But that is about to change ... sadly.

Frigates are one of the few seabirds whose plumage is not waterproof, so they remain in the air for long periods like a kite floating on wind currents, taking advantage of the height not only to hunt fish near the surface, but to steal from other birds that if they can submerge, their food.

This majestic bird has a wingspan of almost two meters, and is identified in two groups throughout the American continent and the Pacific: The Common Frigate and the Magnificens Frigate.

The fundamental differences between the two lie in the color of the collars, black in majestic ones, or white in common females. Likewise, the females of the common species have a thin blue ring around the eye.

Just as birds depend on fish, they in turn depend on corals and all the life they harbor for food. The increase in the temperature of the oceans affects the life of the corals; as it has been possible to verify in the process of "bleaching" or bleaching of the corals of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Just a few degrees higher, they significantly affect marine life, and therefore, the birds that depend on it.

Charles Darwin during his visit to these islands was able to analyze how the food chain and evolution are closely related. Galapagos species such as giant land tortoisesUntil the iguanas they are dependent on each other.

Global warming is a reality; the intensity of the hurricanes, the extreme droughts that cause fires and together with the indiscriminate activity of man, cause more and more disasters such as the Amazon fires. It is not a myth, it is not an exaggeration; It is a sad reality that we have to face and with our daily actions and lifestyle we can help to stop.

Photo courtesy of Paola rivera

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