skunk or skunk

The bad reputation of the skunk or skunk.

Some adore the skunk, others prefer to keep their distance.

The skunk or skunk is very striking for its colors and appearance, many children would even do almost anything to have one as a pet.

But while skunks can be very cute, they are still wild animals and I would not recommend keeping them as pets.

Bad reputation for its smell, but an excellent ally of the garden.

Many people will find it ridiculous, but these animals have many benefits that give a lot to think about when trying to scare them from your home.

Did you know that they kill those pesky rodents and household insects?

Because of its position in the food chain, these mammals will help reduce the number of rodents like; mice, shrews and moles in your home. Other animals that eat include frogs, snakes and lizards.

The most commonly found skunk in the United States is about the size of a house cat. It has a long black coat with 1 or 2 white stripes running down its back and tail.

If you live in New Mexico, Texas, or Arizona, you may see the Hog-nosed or Hooded Skunk.

It is a nocturnal animal par excellence.

Skunks are active after dark, so you may not see them during the day, even in areas where they are populated. They like to hide in sheltered places like piles of wood, burrows, and burrows.

They usually mate in January, and the female becomes quite aggressive, spraying that smelly liquid as a defense mechanism to scare off the males.

The mother skunk will have up to 10 young in May or June. The new babies will stay hidden in the den for about 2 months and then they will start following their mother to search for food.

An intense relationship between man and skunk.

Problems between man and animal arise when these animals begin to take an interest in humans. This conflict really reaches new heights when the animal takes refuge inside the houses spraying the owners.

Sometimes pets get sprayed with the smelly liquid during a confrontation, and even your pet can get bitten.

These animals can also be destructive to gardens and lawns when digging, as they tend to uproot plants in search of food and dig along with other insects.

They are also known to eat the eggs of terrestrial laying birds, this includes chicken eggs.

In California, they are ranked as the highest carriers of rabies, ticks, and fleas.

What to do if you smell like a skunk?

If you've ever had a skunk smell in the house, it's not a fun experience.

Many times you will wake up in the middle of the night to a dominant odor released by the skunk. The smell can get into your room and the rest of your home and cause you quite a bit of trouble.

Learn some techniques to remove this odor from your home.

Most of the time, a skunk smell can also smell burnt. Make sure something isn't on fire just to be sure it's one thing and not the other.

Don't confuse a fire with something else and endanger the people who live in your home.

Get outside and make sure the skunk is no longer in the area the next day or during the day. Most of the time, after a skunk has sprayed, they have probably left the area.

Measure if the outside smell is better or worse than the inside. If the smell outside is not too bad, open the windows in your house and wait for a breeze to start expelling the smell.

Put white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray around the house, as this can help neutralize odors.

Get a good citrus-scented spray to help coat the vinegar and make the house smell a bit fresher.

Put aside things like Coffee grounds used, as they have a lot of odor and can absorb some odors. Consider boiling water on the stove with a strong cinnamon or mint smell.

Hunting dogs like weimaraners They have constant encounters with skunks, so if your pet is the source of the odor, you should remove the skunk smell from your pet's fur by bathing it with products with enzymes that remove unwanted perfume, or by making a preparation of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and soap.

Be careful with packages you open at home before removing skunk stench, as the skunk smell seems to invade almost everything and lingers for a long time.

Regardless of what you do, it will take a while for the smell to finally wear off and your home to feel normal again.

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