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The Weimaraners. Behind those little eyes, the greatest fidelity and intelligence.

The Weimaraners, or gray ghost, as it is affectionately called, is one of the most recent breeds of dogs, barely dating back to the 18th century.

They are dogs to which the nickname of "noble" falls to him by breeding and by character.

Originally from Weimar, Germany; The Weimar pointer or German pointer was a species obtained from the crossing of as many hunting species as the hound. However, unlike other hunting breeds that like pointers (they point out the place of prey), hunters, or retrievers (they retrieve the prey), the Weimaraner is the hunting dog that has everything in a body that otherwise he looks athletic and fast.

Their sense of smell is one of the finest, as is their hearing. It is capable of paralyzing when it detects a prey until it goes unnoticed by it. And just at the moment when the prey loses its attention, in just a couple of powerful strides, reach it, catch it and bring it to its owner.

However, these characteristics of a true canine Spartan contrast with a gentle and docile character. As it emerged from the royal kennels, and became more popular and less exclusive, it became one more member of the household. He is capable, because of how intelligent he is (I dare say as a fan of them, the most) of opening doors, and doing mischief if you do not have it in a suitable space.

It is a very restless dog, very active like the Australian pastor. He is not a dog for a department as he can be Poodle>, but for a house with a good garden. If you enclose it, it is able to flip even the ceiling lamps itself. It is ideal for people just as active as him, people who like to go running, or mountain biking.

Loyal is another of the most important characteristics of him. He is capable of standing between you and anyone who feels he wants to attack you, perhaps because he was raised to hunt prey bigger than him like wild boars; so it does not back down, nor is intimidated by threats.

Gray ghosts, due to the color of their velvety grayish skin, are ideal dogs for your children; he will adopt them as his own, and you will not be able to live without him when you adopt him.

They are dogs that on average can live between 12 and 14 years with a good diet and regular exercise; and above all with regular care and visits to the veterinarian to avoid any health problems.

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