Río Celestún, a spa for the birds of the North.

When they go down temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, not only are the beaches filled with Americans and Canadians.

The sky turns pink from the flamingos that seek shelter and warmth in the cozy Mexican lands of Yucatan and Campeche.

The Ría Celestún is one of the points where the Caribbean Sea meets the coast of this area of ​​Mexico, creating saltwater wetlands ideal for receiving giant flocks of birds, fish, shellfish, and insects. It forms in itself a complete ecosystem that not only shelters these species, but also sea ​​turtles Carey's, cahuamas, jabirúes, ducks, anteaters, Spider monkeys, ocelots, parrots, porcupines, otters, among many others.

Its magnificence and natural richness is a sight for those of us who live in crowded cities where not even the most starry night can be seen. And just as that very vitality of nature overflows our senses, so its balance is delicate and fragile before the hand of man. For this reason, in the year 2,000, its 81,500 hectares were declared as a protected area in the face of advances in urban developments that endanger its conservation.

Visiting it, be it through boat excursions, or along the specially designed trails for walking, is to give it relevance and contribute to the continuity of wildlife in the area. There are many places and points such as the Island of the Birds, where the pink flamingo and other birds can be seen in their mating and reproduction dance; a spectacle of nature that you should take your children to. If you go as a couple, sunsets to the sound of birdsong is a sensory stimulus that you will enjoy and treasure for life.

The biosphere reserves in the municipalities of Celestún, located on the Yucatán peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, are one of those magical places where you meet nature, where endangered species have a break before the constant ecological threats caused by man. Take a tour of Quintana Roo, and visit the special reserve of the Rio Celestún biosphere!

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