Paddle Tennis: An authentically Mexican sport.

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Did you know that Paddle tennis was born in Acapulco? Learn more about this type of tennis, its regulations and how to get started in this sport.


Did you know that Paddle was born in Acapulco?

From the hand of Enrique Corcuera, it was in 1962 that what at first was a form of tennis was born, until it became a sport with its own international draft, regulations, leagues and associations; sponsored even by the most prestigious sports brands.

Although the court, and the ball are similar to those of the tennis, his racket, rules and way of playing distance him from traditional tennis. Their speed and reflexes required to play them are much higher than those of tennis, in which with a much wider court, you can build and think a play with more time.

When played in pairs, it also has a slightly more social character than tennis, where despite playing doubles, singles are still the biggest attraction in the game. paddle There are always 4 people on the court, and probably many more outside cheering and waiting their turn to enter. In addition, it does not require a large amount of technical strokes like tennis, so it is an easier sport in which to start, without detracting from the professionalism of the higher and professional leagues.

Paddle tennis has passed from Mexico to Europe with an unparalleled fury, and it has become so common that many buildings include courts in their facilities throughout the capitals of the world. There is no sports facility or recreational club that has the luxury of not having paddle tennis facilities.

Do you want to get started in paddle tennis? We invite you to visit the page www.femepa.com.mx of the Mexican Paddle Federation. In it you will find information on regulations, leagues and tournaments at the national level.

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Recommended exercises for physical preparation in padel tennis include cardiovascular training to improve endurance, strength exercises to strengthen muscles and prevent injuries, agility and coordination exercises to improve mobility on the court, and stretching exercises to maintain balance. flexibility and prevent cramps. Read more here: https://www.equilibriumx.com/preparacion-fisica/padel-tenis-un-deporte-autenticamente-mexicano
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