mixed martial arts

Mixed martial arts. More than a contact sport, combat techniques put to the test.

Thanks to the participation of the mass media, and the organization of this activity in leagues, Mixed Martial Arts have achieved fame throughout the planet.

However, its history and complexity go beyond impressive bumps, drops and keys.

This practice is not new, in fact it is as old as the Olympics themselves, where Greek city-states were represented by athletes who measured themselves in sports activities. Fighting, one of them, was one of the favorite activities. So much so, that even today there are records of the names of great Hellenic fighters, from the XNUMXth century BC.

Just as the Olympics were taken up in modern times as a way to stimulate the sport and healthy competition among athletes from all over the world, Mixed Martial arts gradually found its place in different countries where only in recent decades with the promotion of sport Through television and organizations such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), it has become popular to the levels we know today.

There are those who consider Mixed Martial Arts as violent, only because of the blows and the blood that sometimes runs through the “cage”, the latticed octagon where the combatants are measured. However, for those of us who appreciate the technical aspect, it is a struggle of styles, schools of combat, wills and the ability to overcome adversity.

Mixed Martial Arts, as its name indicates, are a mixture of various forms of combat, generally from different parts of the world, which are integrated by the fighters on the octagon, in a strategy that and combination of techniques are what they are looking for. it is to subdue the contrary in an efficient way. The weaknesses of each fighter are analyzed on the fly, both physically, mentally and technically. Among the most popular martial arts from which the fighters come are Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, Judo, Boxing and Karate.

Unlike boxing, the gloves of mma fighters only seek to protect the fighter in a basic way, both to avoid fractures of his hands or to cut the opponent. However, as it is less cushioned, it seeks not to reduce the force of the blows.

The mouth guards they are also usual to protect the protector. Those are the only coincidences with boxing, because in terms of rules, they are reduced to a few such as:

  • Do not kick from the ground, or the fallen fighter.
  • Heading, low blows or attacking the eyes of the opponent are not allowed.

Otherwise, practically everything is allowed, until one of the fighters gives up hitting the floor with the palm of his hand.

The martial arts themselves are an excellent form of physical preparation, they condition your body, and they give you constancy and a scheme that you can apply to all the activities of your life. But beyond the blows, they give you the ability to plan strategies to overcome the techniques used by your opponent, strengthen your spirit and your ability to put yourself to the test.

If you want to get closer to this specialty, beyond watching it on TV on a Friday night, go to gyms that are recognized and start practicing it with conscious trainers and with chin and head protectors.

Practicing martial arts away from apparent violence is a form of mental discipline that strengthens the character not only through hitting techniques, but also through strategy and even mind games. Who does not enjoy seeing Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov finish off their opponents not only inside but outside the Octagon?

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