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Adho Mukha Svanasana

How do yoga at home? 6 simple poses to get out of stress and stay in shape.

 Have you ever thought about doing Yoga? Maybe this is the right time to get started

Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular of all styles of yoga for beginners because it is not difficult to learn. However, starting from home alone is a challenge. All physical activity must be accompanied by a certified expert who guides you and prevents you from suffering injuries with his advice.

On the other hand, the benefits of Yoga not only result in calming the mind before the Stress situations like those we face when we have to live practically at home during the 24-hour quarantine.

No matter the type of Yoga that you feel more inclined to do, the most important thing is to maintain a daily routine and a space destined to do this physical exercise, with a Yoga mat or mat that prevents you from slipping and having an accident.

With experts doing the poses on social media, it seems to be very easy, but digging into the same is very challenging. So we present you 6 extremely simple poses to practice Yoga at home.

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Yoga postures:

  • Mountain Pose or Tadasana: Once people can perform the Mountain Pose perfectly, it will include all the muscles of the body. Tadasana improves posture, maintains perfect balance, and reduces people's back pain. This pose provides strength to the thighs, ankles, abdominal muscles, and hips. 
  • Tree Pose or Vrikshasana: The pose requires some energy from the individual because it includes stretching. Under the perfect pose, people stretch their thighs, shoulders, and groin. Tree pose is the prescribed therapy for sciatica. 
  • Forward Bend Posture or Uttanasana: In Uttanasana pose under hatha yoga for beginners, the hamstrings and calves are stretched. The pose is also beneficial for people to recover from headaches and anxiety. Along with everything, it is the best therapy for asthma, sinusitis, and high blood pressure. 
  • Downward Facing Dog Pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana: the pose is full of energy and causes fire within people. After completing the pose, people will have extra energy inside of them. Being a hatha yoga pose, Setu Bandhasana also acts as the masseur who gently massages people's spine, neck, thigh, and back. 
  • Lobster Pose or Salabhasana: The pose provides strength and flexibility in the various parts of the body. The parts of the body that benefit from the Salabhasana are the spine, legs, hips, and muscles that surround the torso.
  • Cobra pose (Bhujangasana): This pose is extremely beneficial for strengthening the back by extending the spine and holding the pose for a sufficient period. To carry it out, you must keep your hips close to the floor and stretch your legs as far as possible without lifting them.

There are many postures and styles of Yoga, but due to the gentle physical practice of Hatha it is ideal for beginners, being of more in the western world. 

The important thing is that if you start in this activity and get hooked, do not start to perform poses of a higher level of difficulty on your own. At this time many professionals have made themselves available to help people with virtual Yoga classes online, register with one of them and make sure you do everything to the letter to avoid injuries.


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