Roger Federer

Roger Federer. Beyond the numbers, the banner of the Golden Age of tennis.

And we keep updating this article, because against all predictions, Roger Federer continues to win and fight!

For fans of the racket, names like André Agassi, Martina Navratilova, Pete Sampras, Guillermo Vilas or Rod Laver; they are synonymous with dominance in tennis at one point in history.

But today Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray together have dominated almost every tournament for the last ten years. Of them, Roger Federer has broken almost all the records, and provokes a fanaticism never seen among his followers, not only because of his numbers, but because of his attitude on and off the court.

  • 310 weeks in a row as # 1 in the ATP ranking
  • 20 Grand Slam titles
  • 1 of seven players to win all 4 Grand Slam (Australia, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open) in a single year
  • 6 Final of Season titles to Atp
  • 8 Wimbledon titles
  • 6 Australian Open titles
  • 1 Roland Garros
  • 5 US Open

We can continue to list by hours the accumulated records for those fans of the statistics, and perhaps from now on, it deserves the construction of a stadium as large as the Rod Laver Arena in Australia for those figures. But for those of us who admire this player, the numbers are only part of it.

Roger Federer has an impeccable technique, followed by coaches and athletes from around the world. Difficult plays makes them seem simple and with a grace that makes us find ourselves in the middle of the room in front of the mirror trying to emulate it.

As President of the Association of Professional Tennis Players, he has worked with a low profile to improve the awards to the lowest scoring players in tournaments. For players who want to climb the rankings and who do not have sponsorships, participating in tournaments represents a very high economic cost between tickets, stays, accompanying personnel, etc. Roger has made big tournaments raise incentives for rounds won, allowing new talent to continue their careers.

As a player, he often invites new players to practice with him. Not only as his strategy to never accommodate himself to the style of his great and frequent rivals, but also to provide advice to emerging tennis talents both in terms of techniques and their sporting performance.

As a player on the court he is a gentleman. Very few are the occasions in which he has had outbursts with judges or rivals, which contrasts with others who break rackets or utter insults that have led to financial sanctions.

As a human being, he runs his own foundation (Roger Federer Foundation) aimed at helping almost 87,000 children in poor countries using their influence with international organizations, sponsors and other athletes to contribute resources to their cause.

For sport , holds exhibition tournaments with other great players to stimulate the diffusion of the sport in countries where tennis is not so popular. Even though with his sports schedule he already looks pretty tight.

Last but not least, as a family man, give our children an example of father and husband. There is no major tournament where his wife and daughters are not present. He is not a cause for scandals in the tabloids, and when the games are over, we always see him leave the stadiums with his family.

For those who are followers of other players, and wonder about the effectiveness and longevity of Roger Federer, with 37 years of age, today he is about to break new records, and although he momentarily drops in the statistics, he continues in the first places of the ATP ranking.

Along with the quarry of players who dominate in current tennis as Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, among others; represents without the slightest doubt the Golden Age of sport .

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