I have seen several people on social media using the hashtag # 100happydays in each of the photos they post. But is it a fad or does it carry something deeper?

For those who do not know, # 100happydays is a challenge in which you have to record the things or situations that make you happy for 100 consecutive days. This ranges from an unexpected visit, an important achievement for your child at school, an unforgettable trip, a recipe that you liked very much, to witnessing an orange sunset, marveling at the deep pink of an orchid, savoring for the umpteenth time Mario Benedetti's collection of poems and stop counting.

It sounds easy, but it is not.

It's 100 days, that is, more than 3 months dedicated to posting something that makes you happy on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network. Many people get tired or bored of dedicating time to this task, others simply find the matter trivial, but the reality is that most do not finish because they are unable to find happiness every day of their life, even in the most important things. little. However, those who do, begin to be more aware that "being happy" is not an accident of fate but a decision of their own.

I followed a friend, whom I love very much, during her # 100happydays and although at first her happy days were based on situations such as a boat ride, an exhibition in a museum, the arrival of a new puppy or a barbecue between friends, I could see that as time went on his #happydays were the result of deeper personal experiences. From one moment to another her "posts" were different.

I started to see things like # day 56 "You left us, Mama Luisa, I'm happy to have met you" or # day 62 "How happy to wake up this morning and know that I have another day to enjoy my children." I realized, because I know her well, that something in her had changed and I dare to assure that the fact of looking for “happiness” for so many days in a row helped her create the habit of seeing at least gratitude, joy, hope, love and generosity even in the smallest things. That definitely made her happy.

We are used to hearing phrases like "What happiness when I take off those 5 kgs that bother me", "If my project is approved I will be so happy" or "I will only be happy when I see my house remodeled". What does this mean? That as long as I do not achieve all this I am unhappy? That MY happiness depends on a scale or is it in the hands of others? Good questions to ponder ...

Being happy is a life choice, that simple and it is a decision that is in our hands. I hope we continue to see many more people doing the # 100happydays challenge on social networks and even better if this becomes a permanent exercise in life!

Maria Silvia D'Escrivan R

Personal and Executive Coach


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