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Learning to read labels. First part.

One of the difficulties of knowing how to follow a lifestyle through nutrition is having timely information about the products we buy in the supermarket. certified and appropriate to your need.

Until now, imported products were the only ones that had stamps that identified the approvals for a certain type of product due to the controls that exist in North America and Europe, mainly.

However, the good news is that pressure groups, such as Celiacos de México, or the group of businessmen from the same sector and government, are increasingly promoting the regularization of cultivation, production, distribution and storage of products in such a way as to give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are consuming products

Here are some that you should get to know, along with their meaning:


Gluten free

This seal certifies that the products are suitable for diets gluten free. If you need more information on gluten-free sites and products, you can visit Celiacs from Mexico

Organic Seal


This seal granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), through its advisory body the National Council of Organic Production that groups not only official entities but also the producers and rating agencies, by virtue of the entry into force of the Organic products of Mexico that recently entered into force. It guarantees that the products identified with it have been produced, processed, stored and distributed without pesticides, fertilizers or chemical preservatives that affect them.



This seal of which there are international variations, is basically a guarantee seal for those who practice the Jewish religion. With it the rabbis certify that their products comply with what is established in the Torah, and the precepts that it establishes in the matter of food. More information in PROPHECO

Follow us in the second part ...

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