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How to start a routine towards a healthy life?

The mental structure is very defined, so our habits become routine. We could say that we live in "automatic".

How that routine is going to depend on different factors such as the context, beliefs, education, training, the type or types of intelligence that we have developed ... which, if we are aware of them, we can control them by adapting them to our preferences or needs.

From this follows the importance of awareness. Awareness understood as knowledge of what we are beyond what we perceive with the bodily senses.

In order to develop this knowledge, nothing special is needed, just a little observation, information, dedication and perseverance. It is nothing compared to what you get in return.

We know that any objective of a certain importance requires an effort, we can only do an analysis of whether, living life in a healthier way, both physically, emotionally, mentally or psychically, would be justifying the time we dedicate to achieve it.

Transpersonal psychology has tools to shape the mind. It does not attend only to psychic factors, but it understands the human being as something that transcends a body and a mind to treat it as the energy that it is.

Knowing that it is composed of emotions and that these are energy channels that, depending on the frequency in which they vibrate, will make one reaction or another in the different organs. These are not theories, there are studies and sufficient conclusions to verify its effectiveness, which is also very efficient.

When, for the reasons indicated above, we acquire a routine, be it food, verbal, thoughts, behavioral ... it does not mean that it should be forever, nor that it conforms to our personality.

Do not live automatically ... become aware and program yourself towards the change to a healthy lifestyle

We learn by analogy, therefore when we realize that we are not having the life we ​​would like, we "just" have to change the mental program. And this is done by consciously and constantly introducing the parameters on what we would like to install in a new life, with different routines and different results. This is not difficult, although as I said, it requires dedication.

There are different ways to change our mental program. It can be yourself, making it aware and putting everything you need, or it can be asking for help from someone who knows how to access the unconscious so that it allows to empty contaminated information and let in new, clean, updated energy.

It is about making the unconscious conscious, to unblock emotions that, at an energetic level, were trapped, and allow new feelings to settle, based on updated thoughts that allow a vibration to flow according to the healthy life we ​​want.

Avelino Martinez Granados (Psychologist)


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