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Twelve rituals to make this your best year!

The New Year is an opportunity to improve these professional and personal aspects, and the one that we are about to start is even more special because it is about kick off of a new decade.

In different parts of the world, rituals are usually practiced to close the cycle that ends with a flourish and augur good fortune for the next one in love, work, money, health, etc. In Mexico we are not the exception, our country is synonymous with celebration and we take any occasion as a reason to celebrate, to the extent that the Latin American Directory of Heritage Resources places the Mexican Republic on its map as the country with the highest number of rituals and celebrations in Latin America . [1]

For this reason, we leave you some of the most popular practices that Mexicans usually do on December 31:

  • Grapes: eat 12 fruits, one per month and chime, while making a wish.
  • Underwear: Depending on what you want to attract is the color to use, red for love or yellow for money.
  • Brand new clothes: If you wear something new that day, you will wear new clothes all year long. But remember to donate your used clothing to charitable causes.
  • Suitcases: Taking a walk outside your home with her will help you visit destinations in the coming months; preferably make a backpack and do ecotourism in a sustainable way!
  • Deep cleaning: It is one of the few that does not depend on luck, but brings tangible and immediate results. Debugging the spaces helps to get rid of what is no longer useful, to receive the new. Applies to everything, office, home, bedroom, bathroom, closet, bags, you can even perform digital cleaning. Remember to separate the waste in containers destined for each material such as glass, plastic and cardboard; electronics like phones They have special collection centers.
  • Sweep: It goes hand in hand with the previous one but on a more spiritual level, it also helps to remove negativity and bad vibes from the house.
  • Throw salt: Doing it above the shoulders purifies your energy.
  • Money: Put a couple of coins or bills in the shoes so that there is economic abundance.
  • Colored candles: Blue for peace, green for health, red attracts love, white for clarity and illumination in projects, and orange for increased intelligence and success.
  • Lambs: Giving them away represents economic abundance for the family.
  • Drop a glass of water: Help not shed tears the following year (to avoid wasting liquid, however minimal, Fundación Helvex recommends you pour it into a plant)
  • Make a lot of noise: It is believed that it is used to scare away evil spirits, which is why pyrotechnic fires are usually lit at midnight.
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"Our culture is ersa and folkloric, as a 100% Mexican company we are proud of the traditions and beliefs of the people, which we discover in the constant studies carried out for the development of our products," said Carolina Melquiades, Helvex Marketing Manager. "In the corporate we also have some rituals to start the year well because we know that on a psychological level they are reasons that drive our talent to start the cycle in a better way and increase their desire to improve day by day."


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About Helvex:

Helvex is a proudly Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture of faucets, showers, toilets and sinks, bathroom accessories, flushometers, drains, electronic line and water saving products, among others. It was founded in 1950 with the philosophy of offering the highest quality products to the market, which is reflected today. It has obtained the highest recognitions for a company, such as: National Quality Award, National Technology and Innovation Award and the National Export Award. The company currently bases its operations in Mexico City and generates jobs for more than 1,500 people in its industrial complex located in Apaseo El Grande, Guanajuato; in addition to the parent plant located in the capital of the country, where the manufacturing processes of its products are controlled, from the selection of the raw material to the finishes and packaging, having an integration of more than 95% of its components. It has a presence in more than 20 countries and exports products to the United States, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. It also has its own offices in Costa Rica, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Cuba and Chile. Helvex guarantees technical service before, during and after purchase, as well as its lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults. For more information, please see: Helvex 

[1] Ilamdir.org 


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