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Five signs that you are guided by your life purpose.

Finding our purpose in life is something that brings us great happiness and satisfaction.

The definition of purpose has to do with what you want to achieve, what you pay the most attention to, an alignment of your own strengths, values ​​and interests put into action.

Being aware of what you want and focusing on those activities that really arouse your interest, represents an optimal terrain on which you can build a purpose.

Michael Steger, recognized expert on the subject of life and meaning, affirms that our purpose can be something for life or change as we evolve. So how do we know that we are guided by a purpose? Here we share six signs that can indicate if you are doing it:

  1. A goal is not a purpose: Knowing the difference between both concepts is crucial to direct our path. Purpose is the greater sense or the "for what”, The reason why you create your goals and pursue the activities you do.
  2. Work is a means, not an end: It is one more experience that is lived, that allows to open the doors to other activities and interests, which leave great lessons along the way.
  3. Live the present: The best way to have a fulfilling life with purpose is to live moment by moment, directing efforts to build a prosperous future, with the determination to do what we believe is important. Choosing a cause is a step towards commitment.
  4. Accept reality: The acceptance of such reality is the first step to have balance in our life, since it implies stopping identifying with certain situations, and above all, freeing ourselves from negative feelings.
  5. Have a positive attitude: the ability to see situations from a more optimistic and focused perspective, allows us to get out of the pessimism and passivity with which life can be assumed.

If you want to explore these issues in greater depth, the Institute of Wellbeing and Happiness Sciences (ICBF) presents the Wellbeing 360 ° forum, a comprehensive experience that brings together internationally renowned experts such as Barbara Fredrickson, creator of the Magnification theory and Construction of Positive Emotions (Broaden and Build Theory of Positive Emotions), who has focused most of his research on that when people experience positive emotions, their minds widen and open to new possibilities and ideas.

About the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences

Tecmilenio University has created the first Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences in Mexico, whose objective is to promote well-being through the teaching of the bases for a full life, the investigation of the basic principles of well-being, the proposition of positive practices for the promotion of the happiness of our students and collaborators and the dissemination of the results derived from our experience and research. Through Wellbeing 360, it is intended to disseminate the most important results of research on happiness through the participation of the great experts in Positive Psychology.

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