Seven tips to improve your day and enjoy your daily life in the new normal

How to get back to a healthy routine after the pandemic?

If you are reading this, you may belong to the sector of the economically active population that returned to work in offices and is still trying to find the necessary balance to achieve stability in every aspect of their life.

Getting back into the routine can be difficult without a little discipline. That is why we give you 7 tips on how to return to normal, in a healthy way.

  1. The night before going to work

To prevent you from starting your day with Stress, the suggestion is that one night before your workday you prepare everything you will occupy: food, clothing, bag, backpack or suitcase with everything you will need to take to your office. Do it for 21 consecutive days and you will see how you will automatically create a habit that will help you start your day in a calm and orderly way.

  • Set your alarm clock ... and don't turn it off

You may be very punctual and you start your day at exactly 06:00 am, but have you tried setting your alarm clock forward 20 minutes? We recommend you start this practice with the aim of taking advantage of every minute of your day, those 20 minutes can be used to meditate, for example and thus start the day more relaxed.

  • Keep an agenda

The lack of organization is largely one of the factors that can create more instability both in your work life and in your daily life, because, to be honest, we take all unresolved situations in the office to our homes, to the degree to take away our sleep. The remedy is that at the beginning of the week you make a list of the activities that you will carry out from Monday to Friday and, prioritize them, that is, start with the most complex or urgent so that at the end of the day or in the middle of the week you already have more 50% of your tasks performed.

  • Take care of your diet

On average, you will spend 8 to 10 hours in your office, so taking care of your diet is vital if you want to maintain your health and remain productive. Turn off your monitor and take 60 minutes (or whatever your workplace gives you) to go to the dining room, terrace or garden and really enjoy the food that you lovingly prepared for your lunch.

Try to bring your own food prepared from home, in this way you will avoid eating unhealthy meals, and at the same time keep your food costs at bay.

If you are one of those who attacks anxiety during working hours, you can prepare healthy snacks to put in a drawer, rather than resorting to the first thing that appears in the office cafeteria or the vending machine in the lobby of the building. Most likely, they are not beneficial for your health.

  • Take a break for your health

Our work routine leads us to spend too many hours sitting, almost always, in the same position, which generates accumulated tension of hours in our muscles. It is important that you take small pauses for your health to free your body from the stress accumulated during the day, for this the recommendation is to change your position frequently, stretch your limbs from time to time and move at least every 2 hours for 20 minutes.

Try not to eat lunch at your workplace, and take a walk every now and then to stimulate your circulation, while keeping your metabolism as active as possible.

Consider investing in an ergonomic chair, a pad to support your wrist when using the computer mouse, glasses to filter the computer screen, among other accessories that will make long hours sitting as comfortable as possible.

  • Take a break

Within the breaks you take to clear your mind, you can choose to indulge your creativity with the following options:

  • Listen to your favorite playlist. It may be impossible to listen to music during your work hours, so when you go for your coffee or drink waterTake the opportunity to listen to your list of favorite songs and help your mind clear for a few moments. You will see how your body will thank you.
  • Read your favorite book. If, on the other hand, you are one of the people who prefers reading over music, take advantage of this break to finish a chapter of your favorite book.
  • Sleep well

Do you suffer from insomnia? Maybe it's because of the tension. Sometimes long-term stress, emotional discomfort, travel and bad work hours are the causes of this condition, reaching a duration of up to a month, can you imagine spending every night of the month without sleeping well? Help your body, rest better and wake up better with a good mattress, try to sleep at least six hours so that you can really rest and wake up with all the energy in the world.

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