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Suicide increasingly affects young people

In Mexico the suicide rate is 5.4 per 100 inhabitants

The problem could be counteracted with early detection, evaluation and appropriate treatment, in a timely manner

Mexico City, September 7, 2021. The loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed, feelings of guilt, loneliness and isolation strongly rooted in the person, as well as hopelessness that prevents the young person from setting personal goals in the short and medium term, are some of the characteristics that can be recognize those who are at risk of committing suicide.

The trend in the rise of suicides is recognized throughout the country. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), for 2018, of the total deaths that occurred in the country (705, 149) more than 6 thousand were due to self-inflicted injuries, which represents a suicide rate of 5.4 per 100 thousand population; the majority in men with statistics of 8.9 deaths per 100 men, while in women it occurs in 2 out of 100. [1]

In the case of the state of Nuevo León, during 2020, 339 cases of suicide occurred, with young people between 20 and 29 years of age being the most affected. While the country's suicide rate corresponds to 5.4 per 100 inhabitants. At the last cut of the Secretariat of Health of the state of Nuevo León, for August 6 of this year (2021) suicide cases in the entity have increased by 19.20 percent compared to the previous year.

Within the framework of World Suicide Prevention Day, Universidad Tecmilenio expresses its concern about the issue because suicide has become an issue that directly affects the increasingly young population.

“Now more than ever in the conditions of continuous isolation that we have lived through for almost two years, it is important that we all join in to offer our support and accompaniment to those who, due to different conditions, have fallen into vulnerability to think of suicide as a false alternative. ”, Said Hugo Rivera Estrada, coordinator of emotional and mental health at Universidad Tecmilenio.

Universidad Tecmilenio contributes with actions such as "Your welfare network" that offers a free line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where any student can call to receive guidance and support on issues related to suicide and others that affect their emotional and mental well-being. In addition to providing constant training to administrative staff and teachers in the Doing ECO (Listen, Contain and Orient) model focused on bringing support tools to students; Mental health care HUB where professionals in the discipline attend to those with detected emotional risk factors.

“We must remain alert to our young people, attend to family and social dynamics; detect behaviors or signs of suicidal ideation, but above all, establish connections that allow us to know how they are in terms of mental health and from there, generate tools to strengthen their well-being in the different areas of their life. Suicide could be counteracted with early detection, evaluation and appropriate treatment, in a timely manner, ”Rivera concludes.

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[1] INEGI 2020, Statistics on the World Suicide Prevention Day national data. Available at https://www.inegi.org.mx/contenidos/saladeprensa/aproposito/2020/suicidios2020_Nal.pdf

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