This new year, I promise to eat healthy!

Varied, balanced and rich in fiber,the best diet towards the new year ...

  • In the absence of two identical intestines, solutions such as eating certain types of food to have good health are unsustainable, since there is no universal food or diet that solves everything
  • Due to its high fiber content, Mediterranean diet is emerging as the best option for the year that begins, along with healthy habits such as good hydration, physical activity and better stress management

In the midst of the most delicious foods and drinks, one of the favorite topics of conversation this Christmas is the diet to follow towards the new year, but, of all those that set trends - from keto to paleo, going through intermittent fasting and Detox- Is there really a 100 percent effective?

More and more people are interested in taking care of a healthy diet. Which would explain the growing number of content dedicated to nutrition in media and social networks. Paradoxically, this abundance of information, often contradictory and lacking in scientific rigor, favors the appearance of myths and false beliefs.

Beyond striving to know all the fad diets backwards and forwards and which one works better for us compared to our family and friends, it is good to know that we must start by taking care of our intestinal microbiota to have a healthier life.

In this regard, some basic recommendations that should be taken into account in the new year when taking care of our intestinal health.1

  • There are no magic solutions: To a large extent, because there is not a 100 percent healthy intestine, much less two identical intestines. Any solution of the type "eat this food and you will live healthy" is unsustainable, because there is no universal food or diet that solves everything. Nor can we say that each organism reacts the same with the same foods.
  • Beware of radical changes: Despite being fashionable, in diets such as keto or paleo, in which food groups are practically completely eliminated, it has not yet been possible to demonstrate health benefits or rule out their long-term side effects. On the contrary, the inclusion of a greater variety of foods - especially of plant origin - seems to be the key to better gut health.2
  • Fiber is good: From chia seeds to whole wheat bread, everything that contains fiber is good for us and our intestinal microbiota, perhaps for this reason, the Mediterranean diet is for now the most appropriate to preserve intestinal health, since it is characterized by a higher intake of cereals, fruits and vegetables, above foods of animal origin.3

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Another option to consider for gut health care is the use of probiotics in their pharmaceutical form. You can consult with your doctor which one best suits your needs. We must also make a little effort to maintain a varied, balanced diet rich in fiber, hydrate ourselves well, do physical activity and manage the best possible way. Stress.

These measures that will allow us to take better care of our intestinal health and that of our families this holiday season and incidentally, will put us in the best tune for a great start in this new year. Congratulations!


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