Your pet, support and emotional bond of your family!

Your pet, support and emotional bond of your family!


Dogs and cats are some of the animals used as allies in various treatments, since with their intervention patients decrease their levels of adrenaline (the hormone of the Stress), anxiety and depression.

The environmental specialist, Eduardo López Martínez, pointed out that the simple act of adopting a dog or cat has benefits, because in addition to generating empathy, a reciprocal sentimental relationship is established, it becomes a companion animal.

According to anthropological studies, the domestication of animals began about 30 thousand years ago, due to an increase in the population and a climatic stability that led humans to seek other ways to provide themselves with resources.

The first domesticated animals were dogs, goats, cows, sheep, and pigs. This process encompasses different phases, the first was vital because in it the peaceful tolerance between animals and human beings is developed, to later establish a relationship that culminates in a beneficial association for both (food, protection).

López Martínez explains that the difference between companion animals and pets is that the former are part of the family and therefore there is a reciprocal affection, while with the latter a beneficial association relationship is established.

Older people living in isolation can benefit from the emotional support that a four-legged partner can provide. Likewise, for people with particular health problems such as a hearing or sight problem, the companion animal becomes much more than emotional support, but rather life support itself.

When a family goes to a shelter or adoption fair, its members come together, because they all know that they will benefit an animal and they assume the responsibility of offering it food, medical attention and shelter.

The specialist says that adopted animals develop a very friendly behavior with people, they are very grateful for what being close to them generates a state of relaxation, for something dogs are called man's best friends.

However, it is important to maintain the emotional balance of pets, since otherwise they develop behaviors that can be harmful; such as humanizing them by putting shoes on, dressing them or treating them in a very exaggerated way.

Eduardo López invites people to adopt, since the shelters are saturated and as citizens we have an obligation to address this problem.

According to the Mexican Association of Veterinary Physicians Specialist in Small Species (AMMVEPE) in this country there are 28 million cats and dogs, however 70% of them are in a situation of abandonment, because the owners did not prevent the responsibility to adopt a pet.

Therefore, if you are thinking of having a pet, do not buy, ADOPT!

And once you adopt, it will responsable with her; for she will give you all her devotion until her last breath!

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