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5 natural remedies against asthma

Asthma affects millions of people in the world.

One of the respiratory diseases that most affects people in the world is asthma. It is a chronic disease characterized by shortness of breath, wheezing, pressure in the chest and coughing. The severity varies from person to person, there are those who suffer attacks more frequently that are aggravated with physical activity or at night.

An asthma attack consists of inflammation of the bronchial tubes that causes a narrowing of the airways and decreases the flow of air through the lungs. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that there are 235,000,000 people with asthma worldwide, among the most frequent patients are children.

A timely diagnosis improves the quality of life, however, some elements such as dust, mould, mites, pet dander, pollen, pollution, and tobacco smoke can all affect patients. However, nature has some plants that help in the treatment of symptoms.

Here are some natural remedies:


Chamomile and eucalyptus.

Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help decrease bronchial spasm. For his part, eucalyptus reduces secretions that accumulate in the respiratory tract. The combination of both is ideal for alleviating an asthma attack.

Lemon juice.

This citrus fruit reduces mucus in the throat, allowing air to pass through. In addition, the lemon It has vitamin C, perfect for strengthening the immune system against diseases such as the flu.


La miel helps eliminate phlegm, making it perfect to accompany a hot tea or drink.


It works as an airway disinfectant and reduces spasms. It can be consumed in tea accompanied by laurel and anise.

Indian currant.

It is one of the most widely used home remedies for asthma symptoms in the world, so it is easily found in health food stores. However, it is only recommended to have one cup a day in the morning.

If you know of another natural remedy to reduce the effects of asthma, share it with us! Remember to always seek medical attention before you self-prescribe asthma medications.

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