Add a Touch of India to Your Cooking: Cardamom

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An exotic, slightly spicy and stimulating flavor.


> This fruit of the tree that bears the same name, however small it is, also carries with it the essence of what reminds us of India: An exotic, slightly spicy, and stimulating flavor.

For those who know how to prepare their own curry, a curry mix without cardamom is unthinkable. It is the essence or touch that gives it that spicy flavor typical of Hindu food. This little seed, moreover, is not only pure flavor because its benefits to your diet are not very commonly known, but like much of the food of that region, there is something in it that tells us without knowing that it has to do with the longevity of its inhabitants.

Cardamom is a spice rich in starch and fatty acids, but it does not contain gluten, making it ideal for seasoning the foods of celiacs and gluten intolerant.

In digestion it is a relief to traumatic digestive processes, avoiding colic and heartburn. It is both an anti-spasmodic and an appetite stimulant. Helps with the salivation process by stimulating the taste buds.

Helps fight bad breath. And some people put a cardamom seed in coffee to neutralize the acidity that can cause them, something similar to the effect of ganoderma.

Ground cardamom powder with a cup of water is useful for treating urinary problems, and in medicine Ayurvedic They indicate it to combat hemorrhoids. It is a diuretic par excellence that prevents fluid retention in the body.

Its worldwide commercialization has increased its production to the point that its prices have dropped significantly, so it is very accessible and because it is exotic, it is not expensive, the properties of cardamom are multiple so…. What are you waiting for to add it to your shopping list and ersify your sources of nutrition?

Frequently asked questions from our readers:

Cardamom is a spice native to India that is widely used in cooking to add flavor and aroma to various dishes. It is known for its distinctive sweet and spicy flavor, and is used in both sweet and savory dishes. In addition to its culinary use, cardamom is also used in traditional medicine to treat digestive and respiratory problems. Read more here: https://www.equilibriumx.com/que-es/anade-una-pizca-de-la-india-a-tu-cocina-el-cardamomo
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