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Incense, from worship to aromatherapy ...

Incense has traditionally been associated with the worship of the entities of different religions.

From the Catholic, the Hindus, Chinese, among others; Incense was always considered an offering to the gods because of its exquisite aroma and the intoxicating effects that, depending on the resins used, cause when breathed in.

But the incense has left the altars, Buddhist temples and places of worship to the common people. Using incense has not only been introduced by those who see in it a metaphysical way of attracting good spirits or attracting good vibes to the home. In aromatherapy, has been used to evoke the same sensory reactions, as when burning the oil in the incense, because they are basically the same, aromatic vegetable resins extracted from trees and plants in a concentrated way and processed in different ways; in incense sticks or essential oils.

Even so, and with a slightly more metaphysical sense, we want to introduce you to some of the most popular types of incense and their applications. Believe it or not, certainly, the effects are pleasant and relaxing, and you will notice a change in your home immediately after you use them. If you suffer from Stresswhat better way to relax!

What is each type of incense used for?

Ambar: Aphrodisiac, prosperity, power.

Aloe vera: Harmony, realization of projects.

Benjui: Cleanses the home of negative energies

Bergamot: Antidepressant.

Cinnamon: Good for meditating, and finding focus and concentration.

Carnation: Happiness

Clove: Attracts money and good business.

Coco: Pleasure, aphrodisiac.

Eucalyptus Helps with allergies, stimulates strength.

Gardenia: Helps to alleviate heartbreak.

Ginseng: Potency, sexual vigor.

Natural incense: Attracts good vibes, power. It alludes to inity and everything positive.

Jasmine: Antidepressant

Lavender: Remove fear, remove bad vibes.

Lemon: Mental stimulant, helps clarify ideas.

Lotus: Attracts abundance.

Myrrh: Home Protection

Mint: Take away loneliness.

Night Queen: Attractive to the opposite sex, ideal for love.

Rosemary: Good luck

Vetiver: Balance

It is worth trying to clean the environment, and burn a little incense, right?

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