Figs, a good addition for a detoxification of the body.

This small fruit, common in the Mediterranean area, is an excellent ally to rid your body of impurities and clean it, as it contains an ideal amount of fiber, apart from substances like cradin that stimulate your digestive system.

This substance, cradin, is attributed laxative qualities without equal, so the consumption of figs should be moderate, and with fruits that are ripe, otherwise the effect may be undesirable. However, in the processes of detoxification, the fig can be a valuable ally to mobilize intestinal transit, and help evacuate all the toxins accumulated in your intestinal tract thanks to the soluble fibers it contains.

It also has an expectorant effect, as it helps to mobilize excess mucous membranes in the body in the flu processes.

Figs provide a very important vitamin load, within which you can find vitamins such as A, group B and C. Fresh figs contain antioxidant substances such as citric acid that help keep your cells in optimal conditions; and also minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.

It is very hydrating, as its 80% content is water. But it is also a source of natural sugars such as sucrose, fructose and glucose, so you must be careful if you must keep your glycemia at controllable levels.

The fruit of the fig tree contains phytoestrogens, natural compounds that can help maintain calcium levels in your bones, as well as control your cholesterol levels.

Like the Kiwi and the banana, the figs contain a high content of potassium; ideal for the recovery of your muscles after a bout of intense exercise.

Its flavor is unmatched; And with these benefits that we have shown you, it is to be taken into account when visiting your local market of fruits.

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