Lychee, exotic and nutritious at the same time ...

Lychee, exotic and nutritious at the same time ...

It is Lychee season, a fruit somewhat unknown even on our continent for most people.

However, its presence in supermarkets and in the carts of street vendors is increasing every day, given its incipient growth and profitability of its cultivation at an international level.

This tropical fruit is native to southern China, and behind its sweet taste and juicy pulp there are many benefits for your health!

Its content and benefits

100 grams of Lychee is rich in vitamin C with 72 grams of content.

This exotic fruit provides 14% of the suggested daily intake of copper, 9% of phosphorus, and 6% of potassium.

It provides about 66 calories, without containing saturated fat or cholesterol.

Its high content of polyphenols and its antioxidant effects on cells is one of the reasons why the Chinese, where this ancient fruit comes from, attribute its benefit in delaying old age and its possible effects in the treatment of cancer and other diseases such as diabetes.

Likewise, this anti-oxidation effect, as we have discussed in other articles in our superfoods section, is directly involved in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson's and cerebrovascular diseases.

The vitamin B content that this fruit exhibits helps metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the body. Its vitamin C content helps the immune system to counteract the effects of viruses and infections.

Su potassium, like the effects of banana in the athlete's diet, it has an electrolytic effect, allowing the circulation and absorption of water in the body, apart from the fact that due to its high water content, it is extremely refreshing, with an exquisite flavor and textures.

Supporting the consumption of Lychee is not only beneficial for your body and a healthy lifestyle, but also that you support agribusiness and the diversification of crops in Mexico ...

Follow this simple recipe and start consuming it!

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