Mustard, a little spicy in various shades and flavors.

Mustard is perhaps one of the most common spices in all of our homes.

The yellow one almost always accompanies our sausages, but there are as many varieties as there are tastes, and even a Dijon mustard preparation, very strong you can use to give that unusual taste to your dishes.

Even so, there are generally three commonly known varieties, and which are the basis for the preparation of mixtures that are made from them: Black, brown and white. The white is very smooth in its consistency and flavor, the black which is thicker and spicier; and finally the brown one, which is more oily but with an extremely strong flavor.

The most well-known types of mustard such as Dijon, Orleans, Bordeaux or Meaux mustard, are nothing more than preparations from these grains fundamentally speaking, where with adding wine, vinegar, grape must and other bases, textures and flavors that over time have become synonymous with the grain itself, without being it.

Likewise, with mustard, delicious homemade pickles are prepared, which are used to accompany from the snacks of a dinner, a delicious wrap, even a midnight sandwich.

Together with turmeric and pepper, mustard powder is one of the essential ingredients of a good curry.

In ours recipes I'm going to teach you how to prepare a delicious Cartoccio de Grouper with mustard that will melt your palate!

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