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Healthy Substitutions: Rice Flour

Rice flour, another ingredient for a gluten-free digestion.

Rice flour has become the staple choice for people on a gluten-free diet or trying to avoid industrialization and unhealthy foods such as packaged snacks or cookies. 

The reason is that this ingredient has a better impact on intestinal transit. In itself, rice has a better constitution than wheat. The distinction is that gluten is a protein with a high toxicity load, so to speak, or heavy to digest.

The rice grain does not contain this protein, and therefore together with other flours, such as almond flour and banana flour, is part of the culinary arsenal of the celiac.

Rice flour contains starch which is an important source of energy for your cells. However, the starch is converted into sugar and excess can cause adverse effects.

Consequently, it is important to consume it in moderation. It is preferable to opt for an extensive presentation, to take advantage of its fibers. To make it more elastic, the rice should be combined with cassava starch or cornstarch.

His properties. 

Its elaboration is given from the ground grains of the cereal, which is the most consumed worldwide, due to the ease of cultivation and its nutritional balance, especially if we talk about the key versions.

Regarding its nutritional composition, rice is a good alternative source of nutritional supplements and vitamins for your health:

Carbohydrates, which provide approximately 350 calories per 100 g. Low fat existence: 1,8 per 100 g. Excellent vegetable proteins and fibers, even in small amounts. Minerals Among them, calcium, magnesium and iron. Vitamins, category B and D. Also, it is low in sodium.

Tips for cooking with rice flour. 

The doughs with this ingredient are not very elastic and break easily. Therefore, it is essential to make combinations.

With cassava starch, corn starch, it is to be used for bakery together with other preparations without TACC.

A combination for pastry: 450 g of whole wheat flour, 150 of cornstarch and 75 of cassava.

In addition, it can be used to thicken sauces or join ingredients. For example, in croquettes or vegan burgers, serves as an egg substitute. Quick and easy homemade rice flour.

How to prepare your own rice flour?

Getting this bread based on rice flour is extremely easy, we have to choose many different rice dishes that will be to our liking and can be according to the recipe in which we use it.

There are about 10,000 different types of rice depending on its grain, from brown rice to Basmati. They are all different in size, color, and taste. Personally, Basmati is the one I like the most for my recipes.

If you use brown rice as a base, the result is obvious, a brown rice flour!

We are going to grind the beans with a coffee grinder or a food processor. It is not required to have a strong machine to make it as in the case of chickpea flour. Normally, the rice that is offered in commercial establishments is already clean, so it is not necessary to wash it.

Unless, of course, you buy it from high street stores, where it could be full of dirt particles from the atmosphere. If you wash the rice, let it dry well. Even if you have a food dehydrator, you can help just by drying it out. This way you guarantee a nice and dry rice.

Keep reading more of the healthy substitutions on our page. Especially if you suffer from gluten intolerance, rice is an alternative ingredient for the elaboration of delicious recipes without wheat flour.

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