Detox with beetroot

Detox with beets, cleanses and keeps you young at the same time.

Today you can start the week with one purpose: Detoxify yourself of all those impurities accumulated by excesses, while staying young with all the vitamin that beets provide.

Do not stay with doing the detox on Monday only, take all our recipes above and make a plan from Monday to Friday. Enjoy the weekend a little, but without excesses.

El beetroot, or beetroot has great properties to clean your body, but more than that it helps control your blood pressure and due to its rich iron content it is ideal for anemic people or people with low levels of this mineral in the body.

Remember that fruits and vegetables have their own sugars and beets are one of those that have the most, so you can avoid sweetening this detox juice with any sweetener, especially if you have an insulin tolerance or diabetes.


1 raw beet

1 apple, green if you like a slightly more acidic taste, or red if you are a little sweeter

1 sprig of parsley

As an optional ingredient, you can add ½ carrot.

½ glass of water

Reassembled appliances


Place all the ingredients in the blender , or preferably in a food processor.

Blend or process all the ingredients, and if you can add a little ice.

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