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Detoxify yourself!… This green juice is a knife against cholesterol!

You already know that green juices are very good detoxifiers, because between their fiber and their vitamin content they help your body naturally eliminate all those impurities accumulated in your digestive system.

But this one has something special, Kale and ginger ... two superfoods that help regulate cholesterol levels in your blood.

El KaleAs you will see in the in-depth link, it has Omega3 in a concentrated form, and a load of vitamins that far exceeds those of other vegetables.

In turn, the ginger, with its somewhat spicy taste on the palate, has an effect on your blood that helps eliminate cholesterol, helping your circulatory system to be in optimal condition.

Cucumber, on the other hand, helps to mobilize the fluids in your body, that is, a diuretic par excellence, which is why it is always a repeat vegetable in almost all diets of nutritionists who want to help you lose weight.

HR strawberriesThey have anti oxidants that help you keep your skin healthy, and your cells young. But as you will see in the link, it is very important that you buy them organic, because otherwise, far from the desired effect, with the way in which traditional crops are treated, it has the opposite effect.

La Chia It also has many antioxidants, and its vitamin load, together with Kale, make this detox a powerful ally to your immune system.


2 organic strawberries

1 cucumber

4 Kale leaves

1 small piece of ginger (to your liking)

1/2 glass of water

1 teaspoon of Chia.


Very simple, mix all the ingredients in your blender until you have a homogeneous consistency. Preferably water that is very cold. If you want to sweeten a little, a few teaspoons of miel or agave will come in handy.

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