Apple salad

Apple salad

Typical of the meals at the end of the year, the apple salad is the ideal starter.

The end of the year parties in almost all of Latin America include many delicious dishes, but many of them loaded with carbohydrates that you regret at the beginning of the year.

Months of nutritional effort and sport can easily go to waste, so converting your recipes in a little healthier it will help calm not only your conscience, but your weight scale!

A good way to curb the consumption of foods that increase the numbers on your waistline is to always include a space on your plate for salads.

A healthy diet requires balance, starting with the way you distribute the space on your plate, always reserve 25% of the space for the color green

There are various green contours that can enrich your diet, be it a Caesar salad, tomato salad, avocado salad; All of them contribute to your health, help you reduce the feeling of hunger and lighten your digestion.


* Apple

* Cream

* Condensed milk

* Grapes

* Raisins

* Pineapple

* Mulberries

* Blueberries

* Cashew with cocoa chips - Earth Co. Organics


To prepare this recipe, which is undoubtedly traditional. The first thing you should do is, peel and chop the apples finely, (separate them in a bowl). Then pour the cream and condensed milk into a deep bowl, here you must beat vigorously to integrate both elements. Immediately add the chopped apples and mix again, now add grapes, raisins and pineapple. For a special touch you can add mulberries, blueberries and cashew with sprinkles of cacao. Without a doubt, a combination full of nutrients and flavors.

Do you want to learn this and other delicious excuses in your kitchen to stay healthy? visit our section recipes

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