spinach lasagna

Lasagna with spinach gratin. Vegetarian and gluten free!

There are many ways to follow a healthy diet, and incidentally, oriented to a lifestyle such as eating gluten-free; be it due to a health condition or the choice to make a diet that helps digestion.

But there is no excuse not to make your dishes a delicious and healthy way to eat, and an opportunity to get your children to eat vegetables.

Spinach lasagna is a delicious alternative to the traditional meat recipe for those who want to maintain a vegetarian or vegetarian eating style. Vegan, without being restrictive to just want to eat healthy.

Spinach, for the rest, is one of my favorite "greens", not only for its flavor but also for the nitrates it contributes to muscle development and the fiber it contains to help with intestinal traffic.

Enjoy this delicious easy and quick recipe to prepare!


12 box of pasta for gluten-free lasagna

1 cebolla

1 liter of coconut milk.

50 grams of rice flour

50 grams of butter

Olive oil

Grated cheese

300 grams of spinach


Black pepper and salt


Choose your spinach well. Firm, with crisp leaves, without spots. Wash them by soaking them in water with a food sanitizer for about 5 minutes. Then we recommend you to remove all the water and excess moisture, use a food centrifuge.

Boil the leaves in purified water for about 20 minutes, so that they soften, but do not lose so many nutrients if you overcook them.

On a cutting board, chop the spinach into very small pieces.

To prepare the bechamel sauce, you must place the butter in a pan over low heat, with two tablespoons of oil; and together with the flour, form a paste. Add a small stream of coconut milk, little by little, until the mixture absorbs it, while adding the pepper, salt and nutmeg to taste.

La onion must be chopped finely, and fry in a pan with a little oil. Add the spinach until its color lightens as much as possible. And then add the bechamel sauce, stirring until it looks just one even color.

If the pasta sheets are precooked, you should not cook them in water. If not in a refractory container, you can start assembling the pasta / filling layers alternately. Finishing that with a layer of bechamel sauce to the top, to which you can sprinkle the cheese to gratin it in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Enjoy this healthy dish, remember that eating healthy is not very difficult if you have the will and creativity to do it.

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