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A salad with all the benefits of Quinoa and gluten free.

Originally from the area of ​​Lebanon and Syria, the so-called Lebanese salad, is a delicious cold dish that is ideal for the approaching summer.

Although the original recipe calls for wheat bulgur, we have made a healthy substitution with quinoa to eliminate traces of gluten.


1 cup of cooked and cold pearled quinoa (½ cup raw)

2 cups of parsley disinfected and finely chopped.

1 cup of chopped tomato.

¼ cup of minced mint.

2 yellow lemons in juice.

¼ cup of olive oil.

2 tablespoons of celtic salt


Cook the quinoa in two liters of boiling water with the salt in grain as if it were pasta, until the granites burst or for approximately 20 min.

Drain and chill.

Mix the aromatic herbs, that is, the parsley and the mint; with tomato, lemon juice and olive oil.

Season to taste.

Enjoy this delicious salad with an organic grilled chicken breast.

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