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avocado and orange salad

Watercress salad, delicious and against wrinkles!

Delicious combination of orange and avocado to help control your weight, and improve your collagen!

So as we always want in Equilibrium, we are going to do a little balance, and eat a couple of salads these days, make healthy snacks; and why not? Eat that turkey later, no regrets.


This salad has the peculiarity that apart from being light, very light, it does not have gluten obviously, and on the other hand it has the virtues of the collagen of the avocado, the antioxidants of vitamin C in orange.

From the balsamic vinegar its aroma and flavor to the food are indisputable its contributions; However, the benefits as a stimulant of the digestion process, combat constipation or antiseptic properties are little discussed.

You can otherwise add a little sprouts of radish, these help purify and detoxify your body.

Ingredients for people 4

2 Avocados

1 orange

Watercress or radish sprouts

1 lime

5 tablespoons of olive oil extra virgin or a little balsamic vinegar

2 tablespoons toasted sesame


Cut the avocados in two halves, and the orange into thin slices.

Prepare the dressing in a container with the lime juice, the olive oil (or balsamic), a pinch of celtic salt  and finally add the sesame seeds. Mix well.

Start decorating each plate with avocados and oranges, garnish with the watercress or sprouts of your choice, and sprinkle the dressing over your healthy salad with chef's style!

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