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What are and how are the most common plumbing problems at home fixed?

Drop by drop, we lose the drinking water of the planet.

On occasions and for various reasons - lack of maintenance is one of the main ones - certain situations arise at home for which a plumber's visit is requested. What is not known is that in several cases the solution to this plumbing problem is simpler and cheaper than one imagines.

Therefore, the Helvex Institute trainers tell us about the two most common plumbing problems and how to solve them:

A leaky watering can

It is very common and must be resolved as soon as possible, to avoid wasting water for the benefit of the environment and your economy. The first thing to know is that the problem lies in the key and not at the top of the shower head.

The real name of the key with which you open and close the water flow is handle, and all handles have a valve. When the problem of dripping occurs, the only thing that needs to be changed or cleaned is the packing of that valve.

To do this, the first step is to close the main tap that feeds water to the house, otherwise you will turn your home into a pool. The next step is to remove the handle with the help of a wrench or by unscrewing, depending on the model.

Later you must remove the insert that you will find (it is shaped like a screw) to get to the valve. With the help of the wrench, remove the main nut of the valve (in this step a little water will fall through the handle) and you will find the gasket. You can clean it or replace it with a new one, and then put everything back in its place.

Additional information: A plumber can charge for this arrangement between $ 400 and $ 600 pesos; On the other hand, if you do it, the only thing you will have to buy is the packaging, which has an approximate price of two pesos!

A clogged drain

You are taking a bath and you notice that the water does not flow down the drain the way it should, to the point where your shower becomes a “tub” because the liquid just won't go away. This situation can be caused by the accumulation of hair, remains of personal hygiene products such as soap and shampoo, or even small objects that accidentally go to the pipes.

To solve this, it is recommended to unscrew the grids and remove them, to later clear the obstructions that do not allow the passage of water with tweezers. Once clean, pour in liquid to make sure the problem is solved, and if so, return the grill to its place. Before placing it, you can take the opportunity to clean it and leave it sparkling just by immersing it for a couple of hours in water and vinegar.

In case this does not solve the problem, the cleaning will have to be more thorough. You can use a drain opener basin, which through a flexible wire introduced into the pipe, will extend to open a path through the drain and remove blockages. Another option is to pour liquid or gel drain plugs and let it work.

Try at all costs to avoid the use of acids and chemicals in the pipe. They immediately contaminate the liquid that goes through the network to the water recycling. In the long term, they corrode local pipes and cause major problems such as floods.

Remember in the day to day not to dispose of through the pipes oils that little by little adhere to the walls of the pipes and end up clogging them.

type additional: the use of gloves is recommended to protect the hands from any infection, because do not forget that you will be dealing with dirt that can damage the skin.

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