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Recycle Now! Change to a lifestyle in harmony with the planet ...

Equilibrium is not just about healthy eating.

Equilibrium is an awareness of the balance that exists between our body, our health, food, attitude towards our fellow human beings, and the world around us.

We eat much more than food, the environment that surrounds us, animals, plants, the sun, the air ... everything permeates our body and nourishes us in one way or another. The awareness about this symbiotic relationship is more and more present in each one of us.

Our generations have already begun to suffer global changes due to the misuse of resources. Today the scarcity of resources such as water is the reason for wars between countries, the air pollution In Mexico City today (to name a city) is a serious public health problem, the contamination of hydrographic basins, logging of forests, and soil erosion are our fault and that of our parents who in an effort to industrialize the processes production, they put aside the consequences that today we and our children will live for generations.

This section is dedicated to the education not only of us, but of our children, who fortunately have a much clearer awareness of what is happening and are willing to achieve a balance between production and sustainable balance of life on the planet.

Understand what is the recycling of waste, from glass bottles, paper or plastic; to manufacture new products from recycled materials And even producing the necessary energy in a clean way, it is not science fiction, it is something we can do from home every day. RECYCLE is a section for you to learn to gradually make daily changes in your lifestyle to help the planet, preserving the natural habitat of animals but ours.

We want you to make our advice yours, and at the same time, we urge you to write us with your own experiences on how to recycle resources, how to make the most of them in order not to exhaust the indiscriminate extraction of others from the environment.

Equilibrium wants you to be a changemaker, not a follower! Recycle now!

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