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Using the sun to our advantage using solar heaters

Until now, the sun has been, together with the conditions of our planet, what has given life to it.

Without the sun there would simply be no life, and today in a world that cries out for more energy to continue growing, we turn our eyes to technologies that use the radiation from it to our advantage.

One of the great challenges of humanity is to develop new technologies of clean energies that can use the sun efficiently to continue economic development without leaving pollution or depleting resources along the way. The sun, in this sense, has always been within our reach, and the understanding and implementation of new technologies to take advantage of this great nuclear reactor that we have for free is almost imperative.

However, although each day better, existing technologies such as solar panels or solar heaters have not reached a point of equilibrium in which the cost and the results, allow them to be not only practical but also economical and accessible to the majority. of the world's population.

Despite this, you may want to consider installing a solar heater on the roof of your home, since the equipment's durability of between 15 to 20 years, easy maintenance and the constant supply of hot water make its use profitable.

Solar heaters through screens capture sunlight, allow the sun's rays to heat the copper grids through which the water circulates thanks to the difference in temperature between the tank and the water already hot by our star.

If certainly the size of the tank limits the amount of water available for use, unlike in-line gas heaters, it is equal to or greater than traditional boilers that have a defined size; so the difference, if you manage the amount and hours in which it is used you will not notice the difference.

Among the benefits that you can find, it is obvious that you will not pay more bills for gas just for the boiler, or you will see it drastically reduced if you remove that expense from your usual consumption. On the other hand, you eliminate the possibility of gas leaks into the environment, or the production of toxic gases that are released into the environment. The durability of these boilers is much greater than that of traditional boilers, and only occasionally do you have to give the glass screen a dusting that protects the heat collection system.

Take care of the environment, while taking care of your pocket. Use green technologies whenever you can, like LED bulbs, Por ejemplo.

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