A Super Detoxifying and Antioxidant Turmeric Infusion

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Powerful infusion of turmeric to boost your health.

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Infusions are one of the most effective ways to release nutrients from food, herbs and plants into water for consumption, and rapid absorption.

Properties of the turmeric

In this case, an infusion of turmeric or turmeric, provides benefits to your cells superior to other foods, since the particular antioxidants that it has are between 5 and 8 times more powerful than vitamins E and C, powerful enough to help the expulsion from your body of one of the most damaging free radicals: hydroxyl.

Likewise, turmeric has health benefits, such as promoting the immune system, and the cardiovascular system, and cerebrovascular.

Turmeric powder has active ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, it favors people with irritable bowel. And due to its action on the gallbladder, it helps to remove stones in the gallbladder naturally.

Did you know that turmeric along with black pepper is one of the ingredients of the delicious curry?

Finally, for this detox infusion, the contribution of cayenne or chili powder has in turn the property of accelerating your metabolism, and helping to burn fat in an accelerated way.


12 cups of drinking water

2 lemons, sliced

3 teaspoons of turmeric powdered

1/2 cup sliced ginger

1 / 8-1 / 4 tablespoon cayenne (chili powder)

Honey agave


In a large pot, pour the water and add all the ingredients except the honey.

Boil over medium heat for at least 30 minutes in a cast iron pot

Pass all the solid remains of the mixture through a sieve, and let cool.

You can refrigerate, and reheat by cups.

When serving, add a teaspoon of agave to sweeten.

We suggest you buy honey from Mexican beekeepers, as this is how you support both the bee and the farmers of our country. Learn how to make a home hive to help preserve them!


Frequently asked questions from our readers:

To prepare a detoxifying and antioxidant Turmeric infusion, you simply boil a cup of water and add a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Let it boil for a few minutes and then strain the infusion. You can sweeten with honey or lemon if you wish. Enjoy its benefits for your health! Read more here: https://www.equilibriumx.com/recetas/una-super-infusion-detoxificante-y-antioxidante
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