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Beneficial infusions: Licorice or Palo Dulce

There is a great confusion of terms of what is a Tea, and what are infusions.

Infusions are nothing more than the dissolution of some fruit, herbs or leaves in a liquid.

Starting from this premise, even coffee is an infusion; However, the only one that can be authentically called tea is that infusion with tea leaves. The rest are infusions of other elements.

Infusions have the advantage of distilling the benefits of their ingredients in water, allowing the body to absorb them quickly, effectively, and why not? Very tasty.

Among the properties of licorice as a natural remedy, you may find that it helps with sore throats due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also beneficial for your digestive system and your respiratory system; it also serves to regulate blood pressure.

Infusion of Licorice

Licorice extract can be found in many establishments, from health food stores to supermarkets already processed in bags ready for use.

If you want to prepare your own infusion, here we tell you how:


You can buy powdered licorice root, adding it to a cup of hot water. You must let it rest between 3 to 5 minutes.


The peculiar flavor of licorice is not to everyone's taste, so you can accompany its benefits with the benefits of other elements such as mint and cinnamon.

For this you can add to the licorice infusion, two mint leaves and an anise flower, and a teaspoon of Agave honey to sweeten. Let it rest for a few minutes, strain the mint leaves and enjoy an infusion that not only revives your body but with style.

There are many ways to combine the licorice infusion, we suggest you follow our infusion articles and make your own combinations. You will feel like an English Lord enjoying your own recipes Special.

Do you want to incorporate this infusion and others to your diet? Visit our section RECIPES

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